Dr Fiona Wu Urologist In Singapore


Dr Wu Mei Wen Fiona

擅长: Urology
语言: English, Hokkien, Mandarin, Teochew

Dr Fiona Wu – Urologist in Singapore

Dr Fiona Wu is a urologist in Singapore, at the Gleneagles Hospital.

She has special interests in female urology, neuro-urology and reconstructive urology. Her clinical interests include treating incontinence using minimally invasive methods.

She was previously a consultant in the department of urology at the Singapore National University Hospital, Alexandra Hospital and Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. She is currently a visiting consultant in urology at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

Dr Wu obtained her medical degree from the National University of Singapore and gained fellowship with the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh, UK. After completing her master’s degree, she joined National University Hospital and began her training in urology. She then received her specialist accreditation in urology and completed her fellowship in female and reconstructive urology in Universität Bern, Switzerland. She was awarded the Academic Medicine Development Award for fellowship training in Bern and worked at Universität Bern, Inselspital.

At the National University Health System in Singapore, she worked in the female, functional and reconstructive subspecialty, and oversaw the introduction of new treatments and technology for patients at National University Hospital, Alexandra Hospital and Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

Besides her clinical work, Dr Wu is the programme director of surgery-in-training at the National University Hospital. While at the National University Hospital, she was the core faculty of the urology residency programme and the core faculty of postgraduate junior doctors. She is a recipient of the NUS Teaching Excellence Award.

She is a member of the Singapore Urological Association, International Urogynecological Association, and International Continence Society. She is also a member and current treasurer of the Society for Continence (Singapore) and was its previous vice-president. She was also a former exco member of the Singapore Urological Association.

She has organised talks and symposiums for the public, doctors, and nurses in Singapore as well as urological courses. She is also an invited speaker and moderator for local urological and regional conferences, usually on incontinence, urinary tract infections and voiding dysfunction.

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